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Get the Facts about Elite Plumbing & Drain Service’s Equipment

State-of-the-Art Equipment for Satisfactory Service

Elite Plumbing & Drain Service uses state-of-the-art equipment to offer our residential and commercial clients a variety of plumbing services based upon their specific needs. We aim to help our customers save time and money on plumbing repairs by helping them to identify trouble spots that may be fixed with less costly maintenance services. To this end, we provide video camera inspection, electric eel and pipe-thawing services.

Video Camera Inspection

Thanks to modern advances in technology, we can now inspect underground or infrastructure pipelines, sewer lines, plumbing systems and more with the aid of a video camera. This service is especially useful in identifying issues with your plumbing that can’t be determined by the naked eye. Cracked pipes can cause a range of problems that can intensify if left untreated.

Electric Eel®

We use Electric Eel® to help unclog drains and sewer pipes. Using the highest quality cleaning equipment available within our industry, we achieve results you can really notice.

Pipe Thawing

Don’t let the cold winter’s chill freeze your pipes and plumbing system to the point of cracking. We can thaw out your frozen pipes in a safe, cost-effective method to avoid damages. Call us and we’ll send a trained, qualified professional to your immediate rescue!

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